Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Yummy Ragi Dosa Recipe

1. Soak whole urad dal ( the whole white urad dal used for Idili/Dosa) for half an hour

2. Grind it into a paste with red & green chillis and some curry leaves

3. To the above paste, mix Ragi flour and 2 table spoons of curd.
4. Mix water and curd, as necessary, to obtain a "Dosa batter" like consistency
5. Add vegetables like onions, grated carrot, tomatoes, curry leaves and corriander leaves. Add salt to taste.
6. If your little one does not like to chew on leaves, grind them with the urad dal as in step 2.
7. The Ragi Dosa batter is ready.
8. Make yummy ragi dosas with ghee.
9. Serve it to your little ones with sambhar, chutney, potato curry or just plain curd.

ThinkBag wishes your little ones "Happy eating".

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