Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Home made Pizza in the Pan

Pizza Base:

You can use the readily available pre-cooked Pizza bases from stores.

Pizza Topping:

Take a pan, put some oil and add cut pieces of onions, tomatoes, capsicum and any other vegetables.
You can even add sprouts to sneak in some good stuff.
Sauté the vegetables and add some salt and Italian seasoning.
Cover the lid and cook the vegetables for some time.

Spread the above topping evenly on pizza base and top it with grated Pizza cheese.
Take a pan big enough for the pizza base. Add slight butter or oil and place the pizza base in pan.
Cover the pan and cook on low flame for some time.
As cheese starts melting, turn off the stove.
Viola, few minutes and very little effort - home made Pizza in the pan is ready!

To make it even more fun, involve your child in cheese grating or spreading the topping on pizza base!

You can come up with different toppings like paneer, black olives, Pineapple and jalapeno and many more!

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