Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Unleash the creativity of your child–Empower them to CREATE toys

An expensive brand new toy arrives in a brand new box. There is twinkle in child’s eye, excitement high in the air. But the novelty and charm lasts only for a couple of days and there after it is sitting in shelf gathering dust. Sounds familiar???
Well, one rainy day, children getting bored indoors and started negotiating  for some TV time.
“How about we make a double decker bus with these empty shoe boxes?” mommy pops the question.
Soon enough, ideas started pouring in. “Let’s make a triple decker bus”. The action starts with a design of the bus and the steps to do written out by Abhinav.
So, two shoe boxes, some old cardboard pieces, poster colours and lots of creativity, look at what we have “CREATED” and happiness of creating and playing with it is priceless. Like the popular Master card Ad – “The cardboard box that came with the Toy – Priceless”. So very true.

Check out the card board house made with very little effort and some scotch tape.  This has been a major entertainer for the last few weeks since its creation, serving as a Dr’s clininc, a kitchen, a grocery store and many more.

Can you imagine the joy and the empowerment a child derives out of “CREATING” something!

Do you have a story to share? Please do send us.

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