Wednesday, 26 December 2012

ThinkBag's First Story Telling Session!!!

Loads of fun, eager participation ,creative juices flowing , a dash of suspense,a touch of humour, the spirit of Diwali and best of all a full hour of pumped up action and excitement, sums up the first ever story telling session under the banner of 'ThinkBag'. We thank you all for the support and your best wishes! This has been a major accomplishment for us as we start off our series of Story telling sessions.

With an overwhelming response of 17 children , we started the session with some singing and then some getting to know each other. Then started the story!  The children instantly connected with Binku, Tinku, Tia - the lead protagonists , their furry friend Mr Ruffles, the very popular, funny and creative Uncle Dev.The curiosity levels rose as children got to know about Uncle Dev's cool new inventions - the mood sensor, the Wachauki ( Watch + torch + Walkie Talkie ).

Soon enough, children came up with their own inventions. We had ideas flowing like a flying race car, a car that can have multiple fuel options, a puppy phone ( that has a ring tone of puppy - this came from a 4 year old ),creative greeting cards and many more…. Then came the part where children agreed that it is good for all of us to have a smoke and noise free Diwali and some of their insights on what smoke and noise can do to us. They thoroughly enjoyed the creative and eco-friendly fire crackers made by Uncle Dev! Now comes the twist of missing Ruffles and the suspense involved in finding him. Once again children gave lots of ideas onthe possible places Mr Ruffles can be looked for. As the story concluded, children could not wait to make their own Mr Ruffles! As they put on the masks they created, we got to do some role playing barking like Mr Ruffles!!!

Thus concluded our fun filled session!!!! Looking forward to many more….

Story telling session in progress

Kids busy making masks

Wonderful masks made by children

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