Wednesday, 26 December 2012

50 Snack ideas

50 Snack ideas for children – Handy list for Moms!

Moms, here is a handy list of snacks for your fussy little eaters. There are tons of ideas out there. This is just a beginning!!! Please share with us, what your precious likes to munch on. If you need a detailed recipe for any of these, please let us know.

Sandwiches and Toast

1.Nutella Sandwich
2.Multi grain grilled cheese sandwich
3.Fresh veggie sandwich with keera, tomatoe and pudina chutney
4.Potatoe sandwich ( Mash the boiled potatoes, add some peas and cook )
5.Toasty Paneer sandwich
6.You can use any of the ingredients below as toppings for the toast.
7.Grated carrot + cheese
8.Tomato + Cheese
9.Sprouts + cheese
10.Spinach sandwich
11.French Toast

12.Aloo, methi, palak, carrot, muli, peas, gobi , paneer, beetroot parathas

13.Adai dosa
14.Sweet Dosa ( use jaggery or sugar for the sweetness)
15.Rava Dosa
16.Moong dal dosa
17.Ragi Dosa
18.Egg dosa
19.Cheese Dosa
20.Vegetable Dosa
21.Wheat Dosa

22.Different kinds of soups( fresh and home made )
23.Milk shakes with different fruits

Regular/Baked Puris
24.Palak Puri
25.Methi Puri

26.Aloo tikki
27.Soya Tikki
28.Spinach Poha cutlet
29.Noodle vegetable cutlet

30.Chick peas sundal
31.Peanuts sundal
32.Boiled Masala peas

33.Sabudana vada
34.Urad dal vada
35.Chana dal vada with palak
36.Moong dal vada with palak or methi
37.Mixed gram vada with palak or methi

39.Vegetable Semiya pulao
41.Tomato Upma

Sweet Snacks
42.Ragi Laddoo
43.Wheat laddoo
44.Rava laddoo
45.Dry fruit laddoo
46.Peanut laddoo
47.Oats laddoo
48.Urad dal and jaggery laddoo
49. Coconut and jaggery laddoo
50.Sesame seed and jaggery laddoo

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