Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Marble Painting

A sheet of paper, a closed box, a marble and some poster paints. What can you create with these??
Any guesses?

Well, to start with, here is some thing.
Check out marble painting! Very simple to do and too much fun!

STEP1: Take an enclosed box into which you can roll a paper easily.
STEP2: Cut the correct size of paper and roll it inside the box.
STEP3: Take a marble, dip it in your favorite colour paint, drop it in the box and close the lid.
STEP4: Shake the box as much as you can and let the marble inside do its job!
STEP5: Open the box, take the sheet out!!! Viola!!!
STEP6: Don't stop! Dip the marble in many more colours each time and shake away!
And that's not all. You can certainly add your own creative twist and do much more!
Can you think of any other ways to marble paint?

Do share with us. Happy marble painting!

Art work created by dipping marble in three different colours one after another and shaking! Viola! Painted canvas ready!

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