Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Why not involve children in household chores?

When you mop, your little one is ready to mop. When you chop, your little one is ready to chop. Your little one does not mind mopping the rest rooms either! And then, there are times when you have an urgent chore to do and your kid wants you for something else.

Are there times you wish you could do your daily work without such interruptions? What if you involve your little one in the household chores? Why not? Our daily chores that are so very mundane for us actually fascinate children.  Which are the household chores into which the child can be involved?  Please share your experience and suggestions.

Sweeping helps them learn the importance of cleanliness.

Mashing potatoes : All the finger muscles are exercised here; and there are higher changes of eating what they cook, Is it not?

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