Monday, 4 March 2013

Fun with Math at

Hello Parent!

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Today, the food for thought is “Can children learn math the fun way?”

Of course!  How does reading and math go together?

Here is how reading at ThinkBag involves math.  Read a book, Read a magazine, answer the quiz and earn “Reward Clouds”.  Earning and redeeming these “Reward Clouds” has the entire math in it.  
Let me share  my experience with my 6 year old son Jayanth.

1        Me : You have 10 “Reward Clouds” now. What will be the total after reading another book?
        Jayanth : 15.

              Jayanth : “I need 20 more Reward Clouds to get  “Colour Pencils”. How many books should I read?”
Together, we arrive at the answer of 4.

2.       Upon answering the 4 quiz questions, Jayanth earns 8 reward clouds.       
        Me : “How many clouds did you earn per question?” With assistance, Jayanth says 2.

Needless to say that each child is different; so go only to the extent your child is comfortable.

Happy Learning.
Best Regards

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