Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Science and Sensorial activity for Young minds

It’s never too early to introduce science to children in the simplest form. Children are curious by nature. Let us nurture this curiosity right from the beginning by means of simple activities/experiments.

 The following activity is appropriate for children of age 2+. Make sure you adjust the level of activity (simplify or make it slightly challenging as per the age and readiness of the child) This activity/experiment involves mixing various things in water and observing... which dissolves, which does not, what is the colour of water after mixing etc.
1. First talk to your child that he/she will be performing this activity of mixing        a few things in the water and observing what happens.
2. Show him/her samples of salt, sugar, honey, lemon juice etc and pose a question “What more he/she can think of to mix in the water". ( I got an instant answer of pepper powder which worked out well, because he could see that while sugar, salt got mixed with water, pepper powder did not.)

3. Take water in a few glasses (based on the number of samples chosen).   4. Take one sample at a time. Have the child mix in the sample in water. Ask a question as to what they observe with each sample. Let the child taste the mixed solution. ( Do not use too much of the sample ). Ask the child, how it tastes. For a young child, give the name of the taste so that they can associate. (For ex: salty, sweet etc ).

5. Repeat step 4. with each of the samples.

Finally, help them summarize what they have observed in the activity. This is an excellent sensorial activity too which helps them identify and relate to the tastes.

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